Art is impactful.  Images speak powerfully and instantly, calling upon the imagination of the viewer for interpretation.  This allows the images to communicate a general vision with specific messages for each individual who sees them.  Art gives an appearance to ideas, and can say that which is not easily said with words.

Graphic design has such amazing potential, especially through the Internet.  Viewing images and sharing them with friends has become trivially easy- ideas can travel through entire networks of people at incredible speeds.  Combining this with influential imagery, can entire networks become so quickly informed?  Can fast-moving images carry a message of need to those who can help, or create empathy and understanding where others had been jaded or unaware?

Most of my projects so far are playful investigations, helping me develop skills and artistic understanding, but I aspire to apply them more and more actively as my abilities approach a higher level.  I am always seeking ways to use art to reveal new perspectives, to understand and share an experience, and to create a strong voice in the place of whispers.  Please comment freely and openly; I welcome your thoughts, and your inspirations.

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