Designer Gamer Wedding

Weddings are a chance to celebrate in a way that embodies who you and your partner truly are, to be playful and joyful or serious and reverant, or unabashedly dorky.

wedding program - frontwedding program - back










And, as our program says, it is a time for dancing and celebrating and eating pies. Miniature pies, in this case.  As they say in Albion, you know what would solve all of our problems?  If only someone would bake more pies.

table images











Why seat your guests at numbered tables when instead you could seat them in the Kingdom of Albion? Or Hyrule?  Or the Citadel?  Or the City of Kirkwall?

table layoutescort cards











It was great fun, categorizing our loved ones through the lens of videogames.  Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu friends? The Assassin’s Creed table.  Our Drake Lab friends?  The Aperture Science Laboratory table.  Engineering friends? Welcome aboard the Normandy.

table sign- mushroom kingdomtable sign- Albion table sign- citadel

Much to our delight our guests dived into the theme head-first, and no one moreso than my aunt and niece, who arrived in full costume. My aunt dressed as the old woman of the temple, and my neice as Link, complete with green tunic, hat, and felt sword & shield.  After surprising us at the bridal table they presented us with a bottle of blue potion (the ultimate healing concoction.)

old woman of the temple & zelda blue potion








We also invited our guests to fill out small cards – cut into rupee shapes – to send us their well-wishes, which we could later assemble into a work of art.

treasure chest8-bit pie topper

Even our ceremony included some 8-bit love in the form of our wine box.  We each wrote a letter expressing our love to the other, our excitement about our marriage, and the qualities we admire in one another. During the ceremony, we locked the letters in a small chest along with a bottle of wine. On our fifth wedding anniversary, we get to enjoy both.

8-bit heart wine box

Looking forward to that day and every day in between.  This really has been the best year of our lives so far.  Here’s to sharing that happiness and paying it forward, with love from this designer gamer girl.
bridal table




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