Ink and Watercolor Ketubah

A ketubah is a traditional Jewish marriage document which is both a work of art and a visual display of the bride and groom’s vows. It is signed as part of the wedding ceremony and later displayed in the home as a beautiful daily reminder of the couple’s commitment to one another. Two of my closest friends celebrated their wedding this past December, and I had the honor of designing and painting their ketubah.


This particular ketubah is a watercolor and ink piece mounted to a painted canvas. Perfectionist though I am, nothing adds pressure like presence in a dear friend’s wedding ceremony; months of planning, weeks of painting/drawing, and several micron pens later, here we are.


Inspired by the surrealist work of Philipp Igumnov, the illusion of trees dissolving into a flock of birds symbolizes the spirit of loved ones gathering together in celebration of the marriage. Each individual brings their own life and energy, and as a whole, all bring a fullness and community of support to the newlyweds.


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