Polymathic | D&D Character Portraits

I don’t really see design as a separate activity from the practice of everyday life.

Art is in everything.

Recently for work I made a site plan, a drawing used to help others imagine the possible future development of a plot of land. I digitally overlaid watercolor textures and vector linework, which turned out beautifully, and I wish I could share it with you now. Since I can’t, I will instead share with you the same technique used for something much more frivilous: Dungeons & Dragons character portraits.

Meet the characters in our online D&D campaign:

Autumn, a teenage longtooth shifter warden
Boy, a human child warlock
Waloddi, a deva wizard
Tika, a gnome psion
Mika, a human cleric

And here we are, all together, the unlikeliest of “families”:

Devas are tall. Gnomes are short.

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