Polymathic | Dwan Light Sanctuary

If someone built a temple from my architectural master’s thesis, it would be this mystical place: Dwan Light Sanctuary.

So many rainbows.

It’s a simple space with prisms along the exterior to let in rainbows from the sunlight. Every surface is hard and smooth and reflects the tiniest intensity of sound. My affinity with this spiritual place is intense.

More Light than Matter, Thesis 2013

Do you remember the scene from Fantasia where the young winged horses fly through rainbows in the air and splash in the rainbow colored water? It was like that, except walking through waves of light in a small space where you could hear even the softness of your breath.

The photo practically begged to be painted. It is almost less surreal in watercolor, if such a thing is possible. Enjoy, friends; may you be guided by the light in your life, whatever form it takes.

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