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Sometimes I meditate while coloring. Adult coloring books hit peak craze a couple of years ago, and seemed to be all over the place. They’re essentially just coloring books with slightly nicer paper quality and way more intricate designs.

A work in progress can still be beautiful.

Coloring involves setting aside time and a quiet space, from sound and from thoughts, to create something beautiful. It’s a relief to put life’s stressors on pause and work at a slow, deliberate pace with a narrow focus. I often feel like my world gets too small, like clenching a muscle too tightly, and it takes an external shift in perspective for me to recenter myself.

This coloring book, Lost Ocean, is entirely sea creatures. I’m partial to sea creatures. Let me tell you a story

Meditation Minis Podcast: Free from the Trap of Negativity

I train in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Soon after starting, I developed a reputation for being flexible, squirmy, and tangling up my opponents with my legs. “Where did that foot come from? It’s like you have extra legs” was a common refrain. Soon I was nicknamed ‘squid.’

It’s a cute nickname, but no martial artist wants their moniker to be ‘cute’ forever. I decided: someday, I will be an advanced grappler. And that day onward, I want a more epic nickname. And what is an epic squid?

A kraken.

So in time, I earned my purple belt, and I became the kraken. This nickname stuck through multiple dojos, and now it has become a way of channeling my energy when I need inspiration, a sort of personal symbol.

This is not a Kraken. It’s a knot of eels. Still very cool.

Happy Friday, friends. May your weekends be restorative so you have the energy and heart for what matters most.

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