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Videogames are for me the way novels or movies are for others, parallel storylines running alongside my own narrative that invigorate and teach me. These games are a safe place to learn, to be adventurous, to experience fear and growth and to learn life lessons – from vicariously living someone else’s life. They are also a safe haven, a reliable constant in my life where I can retreat as I need.

My youngest brother is a kindred spirit, and as a gift I created a series of ink and watercolor vignettes, two from each of his favorite videogames – a personal project since they happen to be my favorites as well.


Amaterasu and her companion Issun
Demon owls Lechku and Nechku

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link shooting an Ancient Arrow
The fearsome Silver Lynel

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A patrolling tallneck
Aloy rapels down a tallneck

They are small, postcard-sized paintings, sketched on the train, painted at home, then fully inked again on the train. See how a long commute can become a beautiful thing – it just takes some watercolor, micron pens, and a shifted perspective.

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