Life may not come with a manual, but some of these gems below are the next best thing. They have helped me better understand my life and ambitions, change my habits, and live better – so of course I want to share them.

Life: happiness, habits, and productivity

Books: the Happier Series by Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project
The Four Tendencies

Podcast: Cortex

Improving relationships with others

Podcast: Radical Candor

Alchemy – just for fun

Came here just for the recipes? I got you. Use the category Alchemy, or, use the gallery & search feature below. I’ll be adding more every couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Sweet RollBy donna naLet me guess: someone stole your sweet roll. This fluffy baked treat is drizzled with a sugary, creamy glaze.
BlamCo Mac & CheeseBy donna naGourmet macaroni and cheese from only use non-perishable pantry items... because this isn’t the Pre-War times anymore, so who has fresh, non-irradiated food, anyway?