Sagacious | Fruits & Harvest

My 2020 theme is Fruits & Harvest.

Last year I focused on growth, working hard to create new opportunities, and setting myself up for future success. This year is about realizing those successes (fruition) with tangible results (the harvest.)

The purpose of a yearly theme is to bring actions into focus, to shape behavior in service of your goals without only setting specific resolutions. Usually it’s a word or succinct phrase used to guide decisions in the context of a larger whole.

Harvesting fruits is a natural continuation of “planting seeds”, a metaphor I’ve used often to describe hard work and habits that (hopefully) lead to future blessings. I’m looking forward to applying this in my Cortex Theme System Journal when it arrives!

Pictured: rambutans! Sweet white fruit, similar to lychee, covered in fiery colored soft spikes. A fun new “try” to kick off 2020.

For examples and further discussion on yearly themes, have a listen:

Cortex Podcast, Episode 95: 2020 Yearly Themes

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