Sagacious | What Ghosts Don’t Like

I’m haunted by ghosts.

…but not literally! A few years ago I started personifying my fears and anxieties as ghosts, labeling them in order to manage them. Anxiety ghosts love vague worrying and despair spirals, and they often appear much larger than they really are.

Like the Boos from Super Mario Bros, anxiety ghosts chase you when your back has turned, but become bashful and hide their faces when confronted directly.

So, how do you make the ghosts in your own life avert their eyes and leave you in peace?

Ghosts don’t like:

  • Being named. A ghost that’s identified is less potent than an amorphous, vague fear.
  • Basic self-care like resting, staying fed and staying hydrated. It’s hard to haunt someone shielded with love.
  • Being confronted. Action is the antidote to anxiety.
  • Company. Unless it’s other ghosts!
  • Acts of kindness. Ghosts are pretty much allergic to altruism.
  • Gentle treats like pleasant music, a soft blanket, and a warm cup of tea. When the room is full of calm and light, there’s no space left for ghosts.

What strategies do you use to deter your ghosts?

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