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Only two weeks in, and schoolwork is devouring my every waking moment (as well as some of my dreams.)  Thus begins the phase where almost all my blog posts will be from my various architecture assignments.  Today’s post is from my graphic representation class.

The assignment: “design a set of three travel posters for any place which is familiar to you, keeping a consistent graphic style.”

My location: Istanbul, Turkey.

I began with a sort of distressed, artsy filter over a couple of photographs I had taken during my travels.  To say that the Turks are proud of their culture is an understatement.  Tradition strongly permeates every aspect of people’s lives, so I wanted to give the posters a sort of old, elegant look to fit this.  After a couple iterations however, it seemed… incomplete, so I moved on to a more sleek, modern design.

I settled on these.  In addition to building off traditional foundations (the reasoning behind the faded but intricate background) Turkish culture is also quite modern; modern conveniences abound, wi-fi is available everywhere, everyone has smartphones, etc.  I thought a photo-cutout, with an object-in-a-field layout, could convey detail, modernism, as well as a level of intricacy and tradition, with a simple and clean design.  What do you think?  Success?

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